Years of Experience


Likopack is an integrated facility operating in the paper food packaging industry, specializing inside the improvement and manufacturing of paper food packaging products. Our products are produced in our the world over certified facility, using food-grade materials, with our skilled professional staff who've served inside the industry for many years, and our speedy machinery made with the brand new manufacturing technology.

Likopack is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria and Europe with its wide product variety. Likopack, which presents services in lots of areas from the design to development of meals packaging products and presenting customer-particular answers, additionally gives comfort to its customers with its own specifically designed products.

Likopack product range consists of many products such as salad bowls, hamburger boxes, potato boxes, noodle packing containers, food boxes, take away boxes.Our product variety also includes PET and PP lids for salad bowls.

Likopack, which continuously expands its manufacturing portfolio way to its strong capital structure and regular investments, serves a extensive variety of clients around the world, specifically in Western and northerly Europe.

Likopack, which fulfills its responsibilities towards its personnel, stakeholders, environment and society by making efficient production in accordance with FSC, ISO 9001 and BRC/IOP systems, is on its way to becoming a global logo that directs the packaging industry.

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Our Workflow

First Stage

The customer's needs are determined and the requirements for packaging design are taken into account. The design is created by graphic designers or packaging designers in collaboration with the customer. The design is presented to the customer and approval is obtained. Revisions can be made according to customer demands.

Second Stage

Appropriate cardboard material is selected for packaging. This depends on the type of packaging, transport requirements and customer demands. The design is brought to a format suitable for printing. Necessary precautions are taken for color profiles and print quality. Design printing is applied to cardboard sheets. This can be offset printing, flexo printing or digital printing. Color control is done for high quality printing. Printed cardboard sheets are cut to specific sizes. The cut cardboard pieces are glued and folded to take the form of the packaging. Automatic machines are used at this stage.

Third Stage

Produced cardboard packages are checked for size, printing quality and overall quality. Quality assurance procedures are implemented to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Final Stage

The produced packages are packaged and stored appropriately. Storage conditions are important to prevent damage to the packaging. Prepared packages are shipped to the customer or storage area. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the safety of packaging throughout the shipping process. Feedback is received from the customer and support is provided if necessary. .